Alien Chronicles-The Golden One

Cover of The Golden One, the first book of the Alien Chronicles trilogy.

Alien Chronicles is a trilogy of novels written by Deborah Chester, published by Ace Books, and commissioned by Lucasfilm Ltd. The three novels were partially inspired by creature designs found in Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, though none of the aliens appearing in that book were used in the trilogy.

The titles of the three books are The Golden One (1998), The Crimson Claw (1998), and The Crystal Eye (1999).

While the trilogy takes place outside of the Star Wars universe, a few references to the books have appeared in official Star Wars sources. The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia includes an entry for the Aaroun, one of the main alien species in Alien Chronicles. The Encyclopedia entry also references the Viis Empire, the main antagonist organization in the trilogy. The Viis Empire was mentioned again in The Unknown Regions, where it is said to have been devastated by the Mnggal-Mnggal plague. A picture of a group of New Republic senators which appears in The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide includes one senator who resembles the Viis as depicted in Alien Chronicles.

Robert J. Sawyer's cancelled novel Alien Exodus and its two unwritten sequels were originally conceived as part of the project which became the Alien Chronicles trilogy.


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